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I have a dream...

And of course, I also always have a song to sing! ;) But this blog is not about the famous song by ABBA.

Sometimes there comes a time, when we need to turn our dreams into action and that's what I am willing to do. One of the reasons why I wanted to add a blog section to my website, is connected to this dream I have. And I think now it is a good time to tell you about it as well.

It started already few years ago, when I first time heard about a pilgrimage and people who are walking Camino. But then it was just a thought which crossed my mind when I heard one of these stories: "That's cool and courageous, good for them!". And I let it go.

Through the years walkers of Camino, different stories about a way, interesting blogs or articles kept coming my way. And an other thought formed in my head and heart: "I want to be one of them.."

Till at the beginning of this year on Social Media I came across a Latvian girl Agnese (you can read about her adventures on her blog What if I told you ) on the moment when she started her Camino from Latvian/Estonian border in the direction of Lithuania, Poland and Germany. That was the moment when I also put more clear form for my own dream about walking my own Camino.

While I am still getting prepared, I decided that I want to walk a famous walk in the Netherlands - Pieterpad! I hope it will help me to prepare for the Camino in Spain and while I am doing it, I want to let you learn about it as well!

Right now I am almost ready to walk first two (or maybe three) parts of it together with my husband Tim! And I need to be honest, I can't wait to take first steps in the direction of my own Camino!

Are you excited to read about it as I am excited to write?

Love, Egita

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