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Voice coaching to improve your confidence

Vocal problems
Do you have to speak in front of other people and you are experiencing fear? Would you like to learn how to enunciate? Are you speaking all day long and your voice feels very tired afterwards?

Voice - your identity
Good voice is confident, convincing and emotional. But communications is about bigger picture - posture, breathing, thoughts and emotions. All of those affect how your voice sounds and the impression you make.

Individual approach
Individual voice coaching course consists of 5 individual sessions, which will be custom made for your needs. It depends on voice problems you want to work on and the goals you would like to achieve.

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What you get:

  • A customized voice coaching program

  • One session on vocal hygiene, posture and breathing

  • 3 sessions on personal voice issues depending on your needs

  • One concluding session

  • Files with exercises used in lessons

  • Support through email


Price for 2023: 200 euros

After the coaching:
You can expect to feel more confident about yourself, your voice and it's possibilities. Deliver your message clear and effective. Use your voice to express yourself authentically. How to deal with circumstances affecting voice. Feel less tired after having a day full of meetings or presentations.

To book your vocal coaching program, please contact me by email or filling in the form here: REGISTER

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