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Egita Gielen - singer

I love to perform music in different settings and in different circumstances and there is always new concert program in a development. 
If you are looking for a singer for your house concert, wedding, funeral or any kind of musical surprise, this is the right place! Under you can find how I can perform for your event. 

Look further to meet some of my stage partners and discover what we can perform for you! 

You can listen to me singing on my YouTube channel HERE.

If you want to read my official biography, please click HERE.

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Musical Card wuth Egita

Are you looking for a special gift? Want to enhance your birthday party with live singing? Want to surprise your loved one on a special occasion?

Book my service "Musical Card"! 

It will be a mini concert at your location or even online if we are not close to each other where I will sing a program tailored by your wishes! 

Musical card can be as long as one song, 15 minutes or even mini concert of 30 minutes!

Egita performs for couples Gold marriage anniversary
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