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Egita Gielen - teacher

One of my big life goals, is to help discover the beauty of singing and possibilities of voice to as many people as possible. 

Read more how you can work with me on this page!

Singing lessons in Maastricht or online

Have you always wanted to sing but have no idea how or where to start? 

Following singing lessons with Egita can help you to step forward in this journey to explore what your voice is capable off and learn to sing your favorite songs with ease and joy.


Egita Gielen

Voice coaching

Singing is not really your thing, but you are having some problems and issues with your voice? 
Want to understand how the voice functions, how you can make it sound better and more genuine to your self? 

I am offering voice coaching package and also individual sessions.


Warming up exercise library

You already have taken your first steps into the singing, but struggle to build warming up routines? Don't know how to exercise or warm up your voice? 

Join this subsciption where every week you get new video with warming up exercises and routines!

Singing with Headphones

Classical singing at Kuma Muziekschool

If you specificaly are interested in learning to sing most beautiful songs and arias from Classical repertoire, please join my singing classes at Kuma Muziekschool. 
It is possible to have indidual or duo lessons. 
From September 2023 I am also offering small group classes for children "Little singers" to learn basics of singing and start their singing journey. These lessons uses Full Voice method.

If you want to know more, please reach out to me through email about available time slots, prices and possible Cashback for these lessons.

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