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My favourite books from first half of 2023

It is no secret that I really love reading. And of course, sometimes there is a book I read and really love and then I want the whole world to know about it and read it as well!

Also, because quite often I get asked for recommendations, I have decided to dedicate a separate blog post once in a while, where I will put different books I love together, so you will be able to find it all easy and quickly! This list will be updated, so do not forget to check back to see what other books I have added!


Earlier this year I finished reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon from the Outlander series. These books are like historical fiction, romance, adventure and even some science fiction. I would recommend it to people who love Scotland, because descriptions of the land and nature makes me want to book a ticket and go and explore the Highlands. You can clearly see that the author has put a lot of effort into doing research. As well there are TV series made after books. So, if you are like me, who wants to read the book before you start to watch something, then I can really recommend the Outlander series!

You can purchase series here:


Three sisters by Heather Morris talks about the courage when you need to face incredible cruelty. Story follows three jewish sisters and their promise to always be there for one another. It is an inspiring story of resilience and sorrow. I would recommend checking out other books by Heather Morris as well.

You can purchase the book here:


Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce was a book I wasn’t able to put down till the last page! Story was unpredictable, had a lot of moments of suspense with quite dark turns. Even when I look back at it, and know there were some clues sprinkled out, I completely missed them!

The ending was a little abrupt, but I still think this is a book worth reading for all mystery and crime fans!

You can purchase the book here:


Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo came to me at exactly the right time, and it was a book I loved from first till the last page!

How often I make plans that I will do this or that, but then in the end I never really follow through… I need to admit, way too often.

But this book can give you not only mental clarity on how to go on with things you want to do, but also quite some practical strategies to make your goals achievable.

So, if you are a little bit like me, then know, this book can really help you to put some of those dreams into an actual achieved goals basket!

You can purchase the book here:


To be continued...

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