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Love for Social Media...

During the last years I have found a lot of join to communicate with my fans and supporters through different social media channels. When the global pandemic locked us in for quite some time, it was the way for me to still perform and stay connected with music lovers. During this time I also decided to deepen my knowledge about Social Media and learn about the best strategies to use. I started to manage not only my own account, but I helped other creative entrepreneurs to start or continue their Social Media journey. 

It has evolved so far, that I have decided to share my knowledge with broader audience and I hope I can be of help to other creatives in their way to great social media presence.

Read further about different services you can book with me!

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Instagram consultation

Together with you I will audit your Instagram account. 

We will have a look at your profile picture, your biography, highlights and feed. 

As well we will analyze your current posts, hashtag strategy and have a look at what works and what can be improved! 

Afterwards you will have a better understanding of platform and I will help you to form a clear plan on how to move on!

Price for a consultation: 60 euros

What clients have to say:

"Really useful and well structured presentation. Interesting insights into using algorithm to your advantage and I found the practical step by step advice for improving biography and posts particularly useful. Thanks Egita! Now I need to sit down with my insta and change some things around.. :)"


"Egita offered me insights into organizing a thoughful Instagram account, shared useful resources, as well she shared her warm personal insights. Thank you."



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