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Zangles  Maastricht  Studio  Policies

Welcome to the singing studio of Egita Gielen!
Studying music is an incredible lifetime investment. The benefits of singing are numerous and include greater self - confidence, creativity, attentiveness, perseverance, improved concentration and communication, lower blood pressure and anxiety levels and so much more. Let’s get started and take this exciting journey together!


Booking lessons:

  • Lessons are booked through the calendar:

  • You can choose desired length of the lesson (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and afterwards you can choose time slot fitting your schedule.

  • Lessons are confirmed only after receiving a confirmation email from the teacher. For the first time students and “drop in lessons” it will happen within 24 hours time frame. Regular students receive their lesson schedule at the beginning of the month.

  • Lesson slots are booked on a “first come, first served” basis.


  • Lessons need to be payed before the start of the lesson by bank transfer or at the beginning of the lesson if you are paying cash. Bank transfer details are provided after booking your lesson.

  • For regular monthly lessons payment is expected before the 1st lesson of the month.

Cancellation and rescheduling:

  • If you want to cancel or reschedule your lesson, you must do it 24 hours in advance. Lesson will not be refunded if it is canceled with less notice than required above. Cancellation happens through email.

  • If you want to reschedule your lesson, please contact the teacher by email or text message minimum 24 hours before your lesson.

  • Lesson needs to be rescheduled within the same month it has been booked for. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement from the teacher, lesson will be transferred to the next month.

  • Students are expected to prioritize their lesson slot reservation. I am teaching limited amount of students and there is often an active wait list of others who are waiting to take lessons.

  • In case teacher needs to cancel the lesson, you will be offered make up time in accordance to your and teachers availability.


  • For all the regular communication please use the email . I am answering emails during my working hours on working days and in most cases you can expect answer within 24 hours. I do not answer emails on weekends.

  • If you want to inform teacher about very urgent matter, you can text to +31648219202.

  • Students who follow online lessons (hosted on Zoom platform), will receive information about specific link to attend the lesson before the lesson.


  • If you decide to stop with regular singing lessons, please inform a teacher minimum 2 weeks in advance, so there is enough time to offer your spot to someone in waiting list. Also please inform teacher if you are not going to attend lessons for time period longer than 3 weeks.


Other expectations:

  • Students are expected to arrive on time. I know that sometimes different events can delay your arrival, however the lesson will end on the time, regardless your arrival time. I must stick to my schedule in order to be fair to all students.

  • Lesson time include arrival, departure, discussing any related questions and researching repertoire.

  • If you want to learn new song, please let teacher know the title at least 1 week in advance.

  • Teacher is always working with a sheet music. If song you want to learn is not available in any of the libraries teacher is a member of, student needs to purchase the sheet music for use in the lessons. Student keeps all rights to the sheet music.

  • Please do not come to in person lessons if you are experiencing signs of sickness (running nose, sore throat, coughing, fever, etc.) even if you think you still can sing. In such a case, your lesson can be transferred online, and there are other things to practice like breathing exercises, pronunciation exercises, interpretation, repertoire research, etc. Since I am a performing singer on my own and if I will feel that my own health is endangered, I keep the right to send you home without the lesson being rescheduled and refunded.

  • Students are encouraged to practice between sessions, as this with help with the progress.

  • The sharing of music interests and styles are also encouraged to ensure we are moving in the right direction together.

  • A mutual respect between student and teacher is expected and rudeness will not be tolerated.

  • If you are following online lessons, I expect you to show the same attitude as in in person lessons. Please follow your lesson in proper surroundings and properly dressed. In case of not being appropriate in online lessons, lesson will be stopped immediately.

Referral Policy:

  • Nothing beats referrals from my current students. As a way to thank you for your referrals, I am offering you a discounted singing lesson when your friends (or any random person you have told about my studio) sign up for singing lessons. You can refer as many students as you want to.

Here how this works:

  • You receive a 50% discount on one voice lesson after the fourth voice lesson of the person you referred. You may use your discounted singing lesson one out of every 4 lessons you take.

By booking the lesson, you agree to the Studio Policies.

Version September 2021

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